RC Metal Manufacturing Services

WaterJet Cutting

A waterjet cutting machine in Oxnard uses a mixture of an abrasive substance with a high-pressure jet of water to cut through a wide range of materials with precision accuracy of various thickness. One of the biggest advantages of a waterjet machine is there is no heat used to cut the material, so warping or material deflection is kept to a minimum.

Other than the typical steel and aluminum cutting, we have used our 5’ x 9’ Omax machining center to cut up to 8” thick 7075 aluminum, granite, composite, wood, plastic, acrylic, copper, brass, ext. If the flat sheet can fit in the machine, theres a good chance we can cut it!

Our waterjet capabilities allow us to interact with many varying industries considering its versatility. Movie studios, industrial machining, automotive and aerospace are just examples of what industries we connect with from day to day. Several customers use our waterjet cutting services in Oxnard to rough out parts, in which they will finish machine these parts to desired finish. This is a much more cost effect way to make parts on thicker material. We cut a lot of acrylic for screen covers, brass and copper for signs and props, wood and plastic for industrial applications, composite for the aerospace industries. If you need parts abrasive cut, we are the ones for job!