RC Metal Manufacturing Services

Tube Processing

Our tube processing is the art of creating a part from raw tubing utilizing a CAD drawing or rough sketch. We use top of the line software, solidworks and sigmatube to assist us in building top quality tube parts and producing maximum part yield. We utilize a custom built cnc machine to cut both tube end profiles and etch tube numbers and bend indication marks. Once a part is cut it is then inspected and sent to forming if needed. We use a series of mandrel bending and rolling machines to create the form to spec. Mandrel bending is the process at which a bending machine uses a bend die, wiper die, pressure die and internal ball mandrel along with extreme hydraulic pressure. Mandrel bending machines are very complex and challenging to use.

They are also more expensive and require a lot of support equipment. Having said this, we are asked all the time why we choose to use these machines in bending. This is a very simple answer, they produce beautiful bends with very little distortion and maintain accuracy from part one to part one hundred. Most bending machines flatten or oblong the round tube through the forming process. However a mandrel bender utilizing extreme hydraulic pressure and an internal mandrel will maintain the round structure of the tube during the forming process. Our Oxnard tube processing customers range from racing chassis builders, aerospace industry, artistic and structural industry, and everything in between.