RC Metal Manufacturing Services

Sheet Metal Forming

Sheet metal forming company in Oxnard is the process in which we will take raw material, such as tubing or sheet, laser cut this material into a flat part, then use hydraulics to form this material into its final shape. Sheet metal can be bent to form simple brackets up to complex assemblies used in space. Tubing can be laser cut for simple fencing or decorative structures up to complex racing chassis’ that go over 200 mph.

Utilizing the most top of the line equipment with decades of knowledge, we can cut and form nearly any shape made from a flat sheet of material in a timely and cost effective manner. We have nearly 50 different sets of punch and die sets that can be mixed and matched to achieve nearly any bend radius within our machines capabilities. Our knowledge and experience can review a drawing and have it programmed, machine set up and sample parts formed within a very short period of time. What does this mean? Well it means we can get onto a production job within an hour. It means no job is too small. This all equals decreased lead times and low pricing! Our Oxnard sheet metal services extend to sheet metal rolling, pem hardware insertion, laser engraving, bump bending, and beyond. Our sheet metal customers include the lighting industries, machine manufacturing, industrial plate work, automotive market, space industry and everything in between.