RC Metal Manufacturing Services

Metal Manufacturing

Metal manufacturing companies in Oxnard are providing a process of making metal creations by utilizing various functions such as cutting, bending, welding and assembly. Here at RCM we pride ourselves on creating products from start to finish under one roof. We consider ourselves as a job shop that will tackle any job that comes through the door with any quantity, from a single prototype to mass production. No job is too small or too big!

This all starts in an email from a customer that expresses interest in a part made from metal give us prints or a description of a product. From here our shop in Oxnard will provide a rough estimate and lead time. Once we receive a purchase order we then go into manufacturing mode. The part will be created in CAD, get final approval and off to production. First we will take raw material and process through various CNC machines which will give us precision cut parts. Next these parts will be bent or formed if needed. From here these parts will be assembled, fixtured and welded. At this point the assembly will be inspected for accuracy. If a material finish is required then off to powder coating or plating. Finally we will do one more inspection and off to a satisfied customer by either delivery, shipping or will call pick up